Slowly.. Heel langzaam..

It’s a mess, een puinhoop! De painters have done their magic on the walls and ceiling, the floor has been strengthened and is rightnow being straighthened out and then set in a protective layer of special lacquer, adding another 40 years of life time to a wonderful wooden floor. We’re also updating the kitchen but that leades to all boxes with books and stuff, pieces of furniture and office equipment to be crammed in just a few rooms. And of course `. you’ll always need an item that’s not specified in a list but most likely to be found in the box buried under other boxes. Next week we can declutter and clean!

Nog even doorbijten, balen van dingen die niet op de lijsten staan en natuurlijk in de meest onbereikbare plaats of doos liggen. Gelukkig zijn de muren en plafond nu hersteld, de vloer is vorige maand aan de onderkant aangepakt en versterkt en nu wordt de bovenzijde klaargemaakt voor de volgende veertig jaar. Heftige klussen die een vakman wél kan en wij niet. Even slikken en dan over een dikke week inrichten en inwijden!

Changes: House, office and servers

Lot going on: We’re in the middle of a move to Meedhuizen, so the next month I’ll be busy painting, carrying and working to get my new office up and running. My webhosting is now, after some 10 years of four different webhosts, reduced to one for business and one for experimenting. Next few days some of the domains may not direct you to the right pages. If so, please drop me a line! Thanks and cheers!

In an ever changing world..

Change is the only constant. Which is fine with me, as I like the un-predictability of life, of humans and last but not least, my self, or, as I use to call it: My inner adolescent. This site will be dedicated per mid 2018 to my personal love of architecture, nature and photography next to some design stints by Elverdesign.
Business-wise I’ll be focussing on marketing, sales and business administration. Just the way I am 🙂